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Unlock Who You Really Are

who you really are

Is it difficult to see your magnificence?

Sometimes, it is.

It’s time to remember who you really are.

Is it difficult to see your magnificence?

But, without a mirror the size of a galaxy,
how can you possibly see all that you really are?
Sometimes, we can get stuck

In all of the mind-stuff

That can keep us from seeing

Who we really are

This may look like judgment, doubt

Worries about what others might think and fear of taking risks

Or, being afraid of our own magnificence, our own power

Of who we really are.

Looking back, I was way more afraid of really truly seeing myself.
But you know what? It really doesn’t matter.

It doesn’t matter if you see it or not – because your magnificence and your grace simply is
No witnessing required

Yet, don’t you think you might live rather differently if you not only knew you were worthy,

but actually, dripping in grace.

In magnificence and light.

So much so, that it would take a mirror the size of the galaxy to see it all.
How would your life look like if you lived each step,

each day in knowledge of all the grace that you are?

How would your life look like if you lived in your magnificence?

You might just be making different choices –
Taking each step with awe and reverence
And boldly and bravely deciding to…
Create the world through choices that honor love.

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