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How to Make Good Decisions at a Crossroad


Have you ever found yourself at a crossroad?

I know I have.

This can be quite confusing!

Here’s what to follow when you find yourself in this position.

There comes a point in life when we find ourselves…
at a crossroad
Do we go left? Or, do we go, right?

Or, maybe not make any move at all?

(Is that even an option?)

I know. This can be sooo nerve-wracking!
It can bring up all your doubts as you weigh the pros and cons in your head.

Talk about analysis, paralysis!

Each point in life is actually a crossroad as we are making choices each minute

Do I choose to react or respond?

And, can I come from love instead of fear?

And then there are the big crossroads.
Big life decisions on relationships, career and so on.

I’ve found myself in front of these too. Have you?

I’d ask myself questions like: Should I stay or should I go?

Do I try harder or let go?

Do I follow my passion or be more practical?

At every crossroad, it is courageous to follow your heart and let it lead the way.

As Rumi said, “Let yourself be silently drawn by the strange pull of what you really love. It will not lead you astray”

So, drop in and listen.

And let love lead the way.

Have the courage to trust that it will lead you to your highest truth.

So, whenever you find yourself at a crossroad…

Know that sometimes the only transportation is a leap of faith.

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