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How to Make Good Decisions at a Crossroad

Have you ever found yourself in front of a crossroad?
You know, those moments in time as you stand at a fork on the road, surveying all possibilities before you.
Standing at a crossroad always precedes any decision we make. This can be nerve-wracking, as we weigh the pros and cons in your head. I know how this feels!
We are actually standing at a crossroad each day. This means at each point, we find ourselves standing at the forefront of infinite possibility.

Each day is a chance to change your life, make different decisions and impact the world for the better. With each passing second, we are actively choosing: “Do I respond or react?” or “Can I come from love instead of fear?”

The tiniest choices like this could radically affect your life. Choice is one of the most powerful tools we have. As we exist in a field of infinite possibilities, each choice we make shuts some doors and opens others.
If you are caught in a crossroad and wanted to be decisive, then this blog is for you.
At any given point, we can change the direction of our life by choice.

Life, after all, is but a series of choices. It is all in our hearts, our hands and our minds.

Take a moment to think about how your previous choices helped shape who and where you are today. I bet some of them have led to surprising outcomes you never could’ve predicted!
Life truly has a funny way of teaching you that you’re never in full control. The choices you make can lead you down a whole other path.
Such a perspective can either frighten you… or it can excite you.
The decision-making process can be intimidating if you don’t have any signs to follow.
Luckily, that’s not the case. What if all you have to do is drop in and listen?

Listen to Your Heart When Making a Decision

When we want to arrive at our desired location, we follow the road signs. When we’re deciding which life path to take, our inner GPS is sending us signs as well. It’s trying to tell us whether our route aligns with our true calling. The only thing left to do is to begin listening.
Our rational mind can only know that which it is already familiar with. It can be of great help when we’re dealing with routine tasks. It tells us what has been useful for us in the past, and what wasn’t. But it cannot possibly tell us where a new road leads.

Even if we’ve been in a similar situation before, a small change can have an entirely different outcome. After all, the mind’s knowledge is restricted to that which it is already familiar with.

We can find another route for making good choices. We can tap into our own inner GPS that can offer us guidance without having to rely on past personal experiences.

You may call it heart, soul, intuition, God or the Universe.
It is tapping into the collective consciousness filled with ancestral knowledge and universal truths. This communicates with us by sending us emotions or insights. It doesn’t tell us that something is wrong or right, but simply if it feels good or bad.

At a crossroad, a kind soul asked aloud, “Which way shall I turn? Which way is best?

Quietly, the Universe responded, “Go until it feels like home.

Let Love Lead The Way

It was Rumi who said,

“Let yourself be silently drawn by the strange pull of what you really love. It will not lead you astray.”

So drop-in, and listen. Let love lead the way.
Zoom in on the signs your heart sends and you’ll always make the right decision. Have the courage to trust that it will lead you to your highest truth.
So, whenever you find yourself at a crossroad… Listen closely and take that leap of faith.

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