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20-Minute Power Yoga Flow for Confidence

Power yoga flow for confidence
Have you ever found yourself in any situation where you could use a boost of confidence?

It may be just before a meeting, a speech or a very important occasion when you feel that little sliver of doubt and anxiety pick up.

I know, I’ve been there. At times, no matter how much you overcome doubt, it may feel like a million miles away from that confident, powerful version of yourself.

Sometimes, the easiest way to dispel anxiety is through movement and the breath.

Noelle Aquila
Power yoga flow for confidence

In this Power Yoga Flow for Confidence, we’ll do the breath of fire to heat up the core and ignite the fire within. Through strong movements, we’ll bring energy into the body system, most specifically into the solar plexus chakra which is the seat of power and confidence. 
Throughout the sequence, we will set intentions, align mind and heart as well as learn how to stay flexible in our approach and detach from the outcome.
Think of it as a little ritual you can do anytime, anywhere you need a boost of confidence power (while getting a great workout at the same time!)

Do you feel the surge of powerful energy run through your body?

Through this sequence, you are tapping into that innate power that already lies within you.

When you align to the feeling of power and confidence, you bring more of it into your life.

Power Yoga for Confidence

Breath of Fire Squat 10x

Breath of Fire Squat 10x

Breath of Fire Lunge – Right 10x

Breath of Fire – Left 10x

Prayer Hands – Side to Side 10x

Prayer Hands – Up and Down 10x

Breath of Fire Squat 10x

Warrior 2 & Twisted Warrior set 10x

Breath of Fire Lunge – Right 10x

Breath of Fire – Left 10x

Reverse Warrior & Twisted Reverse Warrior set 10x

Breath of Fire Squat 10x

Prayer Hands Forward and Back 10x 


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Looking forward!

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