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3 Ways To Ask For What You Want

Do you have desires that you keep to yourself? Maybe you hold these hidden deep inside, choosing to not voice them out.

I was like this for years. I’d think that it just wasn’t the right time and so I’d keep these secret wishes to myself.

You might also find yourself caught up in the race to achieve your goals. Yet, try as you might, nothing seems to be going your way no matter how hard you push.

There is another way – have you ever stopped to think about simply getting clear and asking for what you really want?

Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you

– Matthew 7:7
When you get clear on your intentions and ask – you can create an experience that is simple, easy and effortless.

This is creating your reality through manifestation. All manifestation first begins with a thought. Then, it grows in power as you begin speaking about it.
There is so much power in the word. In speaking, we are stating what we want to experience. In fact, words hold so much power that many religions portray them as the creative force shaping the world.

When you state your intention clearly, you create ripples that the Universe picks up on.
It’s been listening the whole time, but maybe you just weren’t clear enough. Or, you may have contradicted yourself by doubting and second-guessing.
You could have also started with a clear intention in mind, but then took some steps were out of integrity and didn’t resonate.

Whatever it is, the Universe hears it all.

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.

– John 1:1

3 Ways To Ask For What You Want

Through Prayer

Prayer is a magnificent tool to ask for what you want. It’s a form of conversation between you and the Universe alone. Through prayer, you can state exactly what you want and transform your wish into a powerful intention.

If you’re looking for an answer from the Universe, hone your listening ability through meditation.
Here’s a simple Manifesting Meditation:
*Sit in a centered and quiet place, letting your thoughts settle.

*Listen to yourself. What is it that your heart desires?

*Formulate your intention as clearly and precisely as possible.
I like to start with the statement, “IAM….”
*Now imagine it in great detail as if it has already come to pass.

*Then, let it go! Let the Universe take care of the details. All you have to do is say “Thank You,” letting that beautiful energy of gratitude fill your heart.

Through Others

So much of your day is centered around others. From friends, family, and colleagues to complete strangers. That’s why it’s so important to honor your truth when communicating with others.

When you choose not to express yourself authentically, you’re pulling your deepest dreams back into your hidden inner world. Instead of helping them transform into something tangible, you drown them.

But, when you speak your truth, you’re projecting an honest picture of who you are into the world. Getting what you want is just a matter of time, because you’re telling the world that you’re ready to embrace it.

It’s just as important to honour truth of other people too. According to The Law of Giving and Receiving, we get back exactly what we give out.

Through Your Actions

To really show the Universe what it is that you want, act with integrity. This means keeping your actions aligned with your words.
Whatever you do, make sure it always reflects the intention you want to manifest. You can already Act As If!
By that, I mean act as if it has already come to pass. This principle states that in order to manifest what you want into your life, you must act as if you are already living your desire.
Acting As If is a game of make-believe that will bring your desires into reality.

This means talking, acting, feeling that what you desire has already come to pass.

It is generating the feeling-state prior to experiencing it in your life.

Remember, Being comes first.

Everything starts from the energetic state that you embody.
3 Ways To Ask For What You Want: Being comes first everything starts from the energetic state the you embody.

What You Seek, Is Seeking You

I love that quote by Rumi.

When you state what you want, you will get it.

Martin Luther King once famously stated, “I have a dream…” and the world followed suit.

You are just as powerful. All it takes is the right words and steps, and you’ve set the wheels into motion.

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