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5 Yoga Poses To Connect To Intuition

Yoga poses connect intuition

Want to learn how to go with your gut more often?

Yoga poses connect intuition
Listening to that little voice inside of you can be quite challenging, especially if you doubt what you’re hearing or are fixated on a certain outcome.

Intuition is that deep, internal compass that points towards your own True North.

Noelle Aquila
While you might call it listening to your gut instinct, both these point to your ability to hear your Inner Teacher and the willingness to trust in this voice.

But, how do you know where the voice is coming from? With a million voices inside our head, how do we distinguish between the voice of fear and the voice of clear perception?
One good indicator of this is: by the way you feel
The voice of fear usually comes with an unsettled feeling of agitation, such as in anxiety and stress.
When contemplating on a big decision, take a moment to notice how it makes you feel. 
If you feel any unease, then it would be beneficial to take a few steps back, breathe and maybe even work through it in yoga.
Another big intuition blocker? Pride.
A sense of pride inflates the ego and puts blinders on our innate connection with all that surrounds us.
This blocks us from hearing the whispers that come from your Higher Self.
A lot of the time, it’s easier to work through these through physical postures.

Through movement and the breath, we can let go of anxiety and stress. 

These yoga poses help us tap into that inner wisdom that lies deep in all of us.
Here are 5 Yoga Poses to Connect To Your Intuition (watch out for the flow at the end!):

The more you trust in your intuition and act on the messages you’re being given, the more your intuition will guide you.

Noelle Aquila
Answers that come from your intuition usually feel crystal-clear, empowering and life-affirming. 
From here, we can be lead by faith rather than fear. 
Take a chance to listen to the Truth inside of you and watch your life unfold to its own perfect plan. 

I trust in my intuition.

I trust in the flow of life.

How do you connect with your intuition?

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