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I'm Noelle

A blissful, flowing and soul purpose-driven life.

I wish I could tell you that it started here.

But my journey began on the opposite path.

Feeling less-than healthy because of choices I’ve made, battling with self-doubt and indecision, feeling alone.

I can tell you – I’ve been there.

While it may be hard, you must know that it’s during those difficult moments you are cultivating yourself and creating your best life yet.

About me

– a yoga teacher, health and life coach and brand strategist.

Born and raised in a conservative Catholic sect – the Opus Dei – I spent most of my adult years searching for what spirituality meant to me.

This led me down a winding path full of intoxicants and abuse which all inherently stemmed from disconnection. 

Looking back, it was all for good reason. It was through this contrast that I began to appreciate life, creating each day more consciously than the last.

So, wherever you are, be all there. It is all perfect, it is the right time.

Working in many different industries – from the buzz of the financial money exchanges to the sartorial halls of a luxury fashion house to practicing yoga in the jungles – I’ve seen it all.

But I just couldn’t escape the nagging feeling at my core. 

This led me down a path of healing and coming back to self-love to remember my soul purpose:

to be a source of love and inspiration in the world.

Igniting Lives

This led me to create LiFE & Soul.

While not always easy, having this strong purpose is what drove me forward, despite all odds.

Is a company dedicated to:

Wellness and vitality of mind, body & spirit

Empowering conscious growth & alignment in all facets of life

Awakening to Soul Purpose

It is also a movement towards:

A spiritual lifestyle

Living a life of utmost fulfillment and flow

Collective evolution

L&S Purpose

Through our content, products & services, our mission is to empower people to celebrate life, awaken to their soul purpose and powerfully create each day.

We’re here to help you tap into the highest levels of your potential and into the deepest wisdom within so that you can ignite your light and life.

Giving Back

I’ve poured a lot of love into the content created and want our message to touch the lives of people around the globe. Hopefully, making positive ripples in the world today.

Together with B1G1, your actions in sharing this message will impact the life of a person in need.

For every 5 shares on social media, we give 1 day of education for a child.

Here are the impacts made so far:

Share our message. Change the world.

Come, and join us.



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(without much time, money or effort)

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