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15-Minute Gentle Yoga Alignment Flow

There exists a flow in the world that surrounds us that we can tap into so that our life experience flows more easily and effortlessly. 

Sometimes, tapping into this flow is the antithesis of what we’ve learned – that the struggle is real and that pushing against the grain through hard work is what pays off.

Have you ever found yourself in resistance to the flow of life? 

Maybe experiencing some frustration at the task at hand, or maybe being here while wanting to be over there? 

There are times when the most fruitful thing to do is take a break and get back into alignment. In doing so, we begin to become aware and go with the flow of life.
I remember finding myself broke, alone and feeling like I was in a deep, dark hole. 
I had just shut my first business down and I was raring to get started, yet didn’t know how. 
Under a mountain of debt, I realized that hard work alone was not going to cut it. I needed to do something different. I needed to get into alignment.
By this, I meant aligning myself – my heart and mind – with the world that surrounds me. 
This meant moving in sync with my innate rhythm, one that beat in sync with the Universe.

Sometimes, the easiest way to let go of resistance and begin flowing with the beat of life is through gentle movement and the breath.
In this video, Gentle Yoga for Aligned Flow, I’ll show you a sequence that you can do to align your heart and mind and tap into that flow.
Can you feel the flowing energy running through your body? And, how much more aware and intuitive you’ve become?

Through this sequence, you are tapping into the flow that lies within you.  And in doing so, are becoming more conscious of directing and moving with the natural forces that govern the world around us.

So much so that you might begin to see –  that you are just not moving in the flow but you are also the flow at the same time.

“Allowing the truth of who you are—your spiritual self—to rule your life means you stop the struggle and learn to move with the flow of your life. … Being one with life is being one with Now. You then realize that you don’t live your life, but life lives you. Life is the dancer, and you are the dance.”

Eckhart Tolle

Gentle Yoga for Aligned Flow

  • Heart Wave Center – 6x
  • Heart Wave Lunge – Right 6x
  • Heart Wave Twist – Right 6x
  • Heart Wave Lunge – Left 6x
  • Heart Wave Twist – Left 6x
  • Heart Wave Center – 6x
  • Reverse Warrior
  • Twisted Warrior – Right 6x
  • Reverse Warrior 
  • Twisted Warrior – Left 6x
  • Heart Wave Center – 6x
  • Twisted Core – Right 6x
  • Twisted Core – Left 6x
  • Heart Wave Center – 6x
  • Leg Lift – Right 6x
  • Leg Lift – Left 6x
  • Heart Wave Breath – 6x
  • End

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