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Calming Yoga for Anxiety & Stress Relief

It’s fascinating watching the news these days, what with the COVID pandemic and numerous riots protesting racial injustice.

Tensions are high as the economy slowly begins to start up again as we end a 2-month long lockdown,  

We’ll have to see how this “new normal” plays out in the next few months. It does, however, feel like we are on the brink of a major awakening.

As all this is happening, I notice that I’ve been more tense than usual as I organize my life and business for the future that is fast dawning upon us. 
When feeling on edge, I usually turn back to the mat to help me let go of all that isn’t serving me anymore. 
There’s nothing like yoga to get you out of your head and into your body. 
Sometimes, we just need to close our eyes, clear our heart and breathe.

Letting it all go. 
Here’s a 20-minute Calming Yoga Flow for Anxiety & Stress Relief that will leave you feeling grounded, balanced and centered.

Breathe in, Breathe out. Let it be.

Breathe in, Breathe out. 
Whatever it is,
Let it Go.
One of my favourite parts of this practice is how we start off on the mat and slowly work our way up as we release all that doesn’t serve us any longer. 
Sometimes, we tend to hold on to tension and stress until we realize we are so much better off without it!
As we end balanced, grounded and centered in Tree Pose (don’t we all have lessons to learn from trees?), let us begin the rest of our day from this space.
Your Mantra Today:

Inhale, Exhale, Let it Go.
I AM Calm.

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