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How To Find Happiness… Daily

Have you ever found yourself down in the dumps?
Perhaps, wishing you were somewhere else or that things were different? Or, maybe battling with doubt and anxiety?
Tell me about it! 
Sometimes, this non-acceptance of the present moment makes it quite tough.
The resistance making it all that much harder to act with what’s happening right now as we desire something else.
Have you ever found yourself doing things just for the end goal?
Thinking that maybe it could be found in that promotion at work.
Or, in that grand holiday. 
Or, maybe in certain friendships and in a romantic partner.
But why is the fulfillment of these desires so important to us?
It’s because we believe that in the fulfillment, lies happiness.
Here’s a simple method on how to find happiness… daily

What Is a Rampage of Appreciation?

Rampage of Appreciation is a term coined by Abraham Hicks as a method of getting into alignment with positive vibration.
It is about focusing on what’s going right in your life.
The basic idea is that you can begin with any thought, and slowly massage that thought into a positive vibration.
You need to be able to feel the energy of the thought that you are thinking and speaking.
Then,  feel the positive flow of energy and resonance with each thought you think thereafter. 
It’s finding a “good feeling thought” and then escalating it from there by thinking thoughts that feel better and better.
It’s a surefire, easy (and great-feeling) method to being happy (and happier) with each passing second, going with the flow of life.
If all you did was to look for things to appreciate, you would live a joyous, spectacular life.

How To Find Happiness: There's always something to be happy about, right now.

How To Start Your Rampage

You’d want to start wherever your current thoughts are, even if those thoughts are negative or unrelated to the desire you want to manifest. 

It’s natural to feel uncomfortable, a bit awkward and even feel a bit of resistance. This can cause you to never get started so the important thing is to trust in your ability to improve your energy.
Say your current thought out loud.  Speaking (or writing) the thought not only increases its potency and reinforces its energy within you, but it also helps you to clarify what it is you’re thinking.
Notice how the thought feels. It does not yet matter if the thought feels good or bad. Simply observe the feeling associated with that thought. You are where you are, so acceptance is key.
Choose a new thought that feels slightly better than the last thought. Consider switching topics or moving to a more general idea about the topic, if your first thought seemed bad. Most of the time, when we think about negative topics in a very specific way, it leaves us no room to think better thoughts. If you can back off of that topic, you give yourself room to breathe.

Build Momentum

Once you’ve spoken a few phrases, you’ve already begun building your rampage.
The next step is to build momentum for it.
These can be done in two ways:
✦ You can work on increasing the speed with which you speak different thoughts. This will help you to get into a state where one thought flows into the next.  You then tap into a flow state where you begin to think and speak from a state of inspiration, rather than a logical state of mind. The state of alignment happens when one thought flows easily to the next.
✦ The other way to build momentum is to work with how general or specific the thought is. Remember, if you have a negative thought, you want to move to a more general thought. If you have a positive thought, you want to become more specific about that thought.

My Rampage of Appreciation

I was feeling a bit blue and it hit me… I wasn’t making any effort to get into alignment. 
Rather, I was choosing to stay there. It must have served me for that time-being, but obviously it is so much better to feel good!
I’m feeling sad and stuck
There’s actually a lot of hidden gems and lessons in my life right now
Now I notice the abundance that surrounds me
This is giving me time to prepare myself for something bigger and better
This is actually a really comfortable and flexible place to be
Every day in every way I’m getting better and better
Each step is the way forward
Each step is a fun and exciting adventure
With each step, I’m surrounded by abundance
With each step, I’m surrounded by a world that supports me 
With each experience, I’m becoming of more value to others
With each experience, I fulfill more of my reason for being
As I do so, I become more in alignment with who I’ve become
Who I’ve become is more in alignment with the prosperity and success that is at my core
Did you try it?
If you did, then I bet you’re one big glowing ball of joy right now!
I want you to revel in that feeling and bookmark it, so that it permeates the rest of your day. 

What You Focus on, Expands

It’s true – your world is made up of what you focus on. 

In that way, you’re actively creating your experience minute by minute, second by second. 

In taking responsibility over your experience this way, you then become the active Creator of your life.

You own the power to choose how you see things and where you place your focus on.
I promise – there’s always something good in every situation.
In this way, your happiness is no longer dependent on anything from the outside.
It’s an inside job.
And in doing so, you can become this shining beacon of light – sharing your happy energy into the world.

And then what happens?
Suddenly, you begin to attract everything that you were desiring.
Because you are already coming from happiness, from having it all.
Happiness is a  choice, and it starts with you.

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