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How To Find Your Passion

Are you trying to find your passion?
That “thing” that you believe will lead you closer to happiness, success or the life situation that you want.
Something that will turn your whole life around and lead you exactly where you want to be.
You might imagine it to be something grand.

So, you wait and do what’s practical, hoping that someday you’ll find that something that makes you come alive.

Too often we spend so much time getting it perfect before we invest energy into it or even decide to love it.
To call something your passion, you might think it has to be perfect. That it should be easy, always fun and quite possibly obstacle-free.
In reality, passion isn’t even something that can be captured or that you can just come across.
Finding passion that sticks is about discovering that you’re creating it. You have the power to imbue passion in everything you do!
Here are 3 ways you can awaken the passion in yourself, daily.

1. Embrace Life with All Your Senses

Let yourself feel your emotions fully. Too often, we avoid dealing with how we feel because we’re afraid of what we might find.
Still, the ability to manage emotions is a strong precursor to wellbeing and success. 
Emotions want to move through your body and holding them back only causes toxins to build up.
It does take some courage to feel and face all your emotions. However, accepting them means experiencing life more vividly. Each moment becomes filled with your passion for life.

2. Pursue What You Love

Everyone has been made for some particular work, and the desire for that work has been put in every heart.

Doing what you love invigorates your spirit and simultaneously fills you with passion.
Instead of trying to find the perfect thing to consider your passion, try to pursue the little things that spark joy in you more frequently.
Make a commitment to yourself to take the time to do what you love. Start by considering what makes you feel passionately alive.
With a touch of synchronicity, life will keep throwing you more exciting opportunities.
Soon, each day will be an adventure you’re eager to jump on.

3. Bring Your Whole Self into Each Experience

You can find passion by immersing yourself into the present moment. Put all your attention to what’s happening now.

Bring your whole self to the experience – the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Integrate all of those dark parts.

They might make you more vulnerable, but also that much more powerful.

When you fully accept your authentic self, you achieve a sense of wholeness. Suddenly, no part of you makes you uncomfortable.
Liberating yourself from bottled-up feelings creates space for better things to come in.
That’s when your heart starts dancing to life’s beat, letting it lead the way with excitement.

4. Release Expectations

Sometimes life doesn’t go according to plan. You planned on taking that one-way street but got yourself stuck at a crossroad.
Life can be unpredictable, but that’s what makes it so exciting.
Trying to force the energy to flow in the direction we want it to won’t work. Instead, you can make room for those detours that are bound to happen.
Sometimes, our expectations of how life should unfold are not meant for us. When one door closes, another one might hide exactly what we need.
In fact, some of the most rewarding experiences show up when you least expect them.
When you release expectations, you feel more freedom and passion toward life because each moment becomes a surprise in itself.
How To Find Your Passion: Release expectations to feel more freedom and truly live in the moment.
You’ll start feeling so much more alive because you’re no longer bound by tense emotions toward the future. So, all that’s left to do is to enjoy the present.

Honor where you are in your journey and take the steps to love yourself more fully, right now.

Passion is cultivated through small efforts and actions, and it’s always the perfect moment to start.

In doing so, every day becomes filled with that burning passion you’ve been dreaming of.

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