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How to Overcome Limiting Beliefs for More Success

Have you ever wondered how to expand your experience?

Maybe to experience the life of your dreams – easily and effortlessly!

You might already be able to see it, touch it, taste it but somehow it just seems a little bit out of your reach. 

If you’ve already tried everything but still find yourself in resistance, then this may all have to do with the beliefs that you carry.

What is a Belief?

A belief is something that you believe or accept as true. It is a mental attitude of acceptance even without full intellectual knowledge of its truth.

After shutting my business down, I found myself with a lot of time on my hands. I knew at that moment that no amount of hard work alone was going to get me out of the hole that I was in. 
It was then that I began to put my focus into identifying, overcoming and rescripting the beliefs that I had.
No joke about it – this was not an easy task! We have so many beliefs. In fact, our lives and our experience is created moment by moment out of the sum total of them. 
Doing this is embarking on a healing journey as empowering beliefs are those that are aligned with our true nature. However, due to life circumstances, we sometimes end up believing in erroneous beliefs about ourselves and this ends up affecting our life experience. 

In this video, I talk about easy steps to identify and rescript beliefs into powerful and compelling affirmations about yourself. 
Who knows, being more vigilant about this might just change your life!

Having empowering beliefs about ourselves feels lighter and with them, we can come into a state of alignment and non-resistance.
When we align to more empowering beliefs and connect to their feeling states, we begin to set into motion the law of attraction.
Remember, you attract what you already are!
So connect to the feeling state of that which you want over and over again and watch how it lights up your life.
What affirmations + feelings are you choosing today?
Noelle leaning on a painted wall with angel wings with a quote, "When you connect to the feeling of success, happiness, strength, or love-- you bring more of it into your life.

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