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Self-Love Meditation and Affirmations

Noelle meditating on the beach
Do you catch yourself beating yourself up at times? Or, maybe accepting much less than what you deserve?
The journey to loving one’s self fully is truly a lifelong process.
Self-Love Meditation and Affirmations: I am worthy. I am love. I am enough.

In this video on self-love, we’ll explore what loving yourself truly means and how it can impact your life in the long run.

This self-love meditation and affirmations can be the most direct route as it takes us straight to our true selves. That of which at the core is pure love.

This Meditation is a return to love. It is a return to ourselves.

It will teach you to respect yourself, forgive yourself, and finally love yourself, creating a clear path to real peace and happiness.

There’s no place to go or look outside of us. It truly is just a coming home to the love that has always been there.

Self-love affirmations

Each day, I allow my love for myself to grow more and more.

I love every moment of my existence.

Every part of me that makes me who I am is encompassed with love.

I have unconditional love within me that overflows in abundance to those around me.

I am worthy of love and I honor the joy that comes with it.

I deserve love and self-respect.

My self-esteem grows along with my self-love

I love and accept everything about myself

I completely and always love myself.

In connecting to love, you connect to the core of who you are. This is the most strengthening practice that you can do, daily.

Try it and see?

In case you forgot, here’s a reminder of Who You Really Are.

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