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True Nourishment: Why It’s Not Just About Nutrition

Nourishment goes far beyond nutrition.
I used to think that nourishing myself and eating well were synonymous.
That what we have on our plates is the precursor to our health and wellness.

Until I found myself feeling sick and tired, even if I did eat somewhat healthily.
More than that, I was feeling fatigued, depressed and stressed.

Up until then, I had been making choices that were quite detrimental to my wellbeing. While I tried to push the consequences aside, nothing is really hidden from the body.

And my body knew.

How we feel tends to colour our days and our overall quality of life.

I then began on a journey in becoming a health coach. It was a year-long, in-depth journey into health and wellness.
Read about my journey here.
In the process, I learned the meaning of true nourishment – how this comes from our career, relationships and the choices we make in our lives just as much as it is about what’s on our plate.
True Nourishment: Why It's Not Just About Nutrition - It is what you watch. What you listen to, what you read and the people you hang around.

True Nourishment is the sum total of the choices you make that feed your body, mind, heart and soul

Noelle Aquila #lifewithnoelle
Here’s a short video on Nourishment vs. Nutrition

Choices That Truly Serve You

I recently walked out of a situation that was becoming toxic for me. It had to do with home – a place that is meant to be a safe haven, a rest place for the body, mind and soul.
Truth is, we have the power to choose. Choose the people, places and situations that we find ourselves in.

“Your diet is not only what you eat. It is what you watch, what you listen to, what you read and the people that you hang around.”

It is what you choose to consume on a daily basis.
What’s your diet like? Are you mindful of what you take in?
That situation must have served me until that point. Until yesterday, when I decided to walk away.
I’m really resonating with this quote:

“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.”

Anais Nin
So, wherever you are, be all there. There is a time for everything. You are in your own perfect time.

The Ultimate Relationship: You and Yourself

If I had to distill my whole journey to a singular point, it would be this.
Learning to become best friends with yourself.
You see, this is the ultimate relationship and you are utterly magnificent.
When you nurture your relationship with yourself, then you’ll know what is good for you and not.
In cultivating a practice of body awareness, you become in touch with the infinite wisdom that lies within.

In listening to your soul’s whispers, you’re bound to make the highest choices that truly serve your best interest.

In the face of so many choices daily, it is loving yourself enough to choose the ones that truly serve your body, mind and soul.

What does true nourishment feel like to you?

How does this reflect in the choices that you make?

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